Some people prefer getting dogs while they’re still adorable puppies. Others opt for full grown adults instead, as older dogs are more mature and perhaps make better companions.

However, there are some folks who have reservations about getting an adult canine because of the common belief that one cannot teach an old dog new tricks, especially toilet training.

photoThis is actually not true. That’s right, older dogs can still be potty trained! Just follow these seven tips:

1. You should focus on teaching your pooch to eliminate outside rather than teaching him not to eliminate inside. It’s easier to train an older dog to do something instead of training him not to do something.

If your dog already has a habit of relieving himself indoors, it will be easier to help him learn a better behavior instead of concentrating on eliminating the old habit.

2. Choose a spot where you want your pet to do his business, such as a corner in the lawn. It will be easier to housebreak an older dog if you are consistent with where you want him to pee and poop. Go to the same spot every single time so your dog will learn the right place faster. It will also help if you do not clean that area too much until he is completely toilet trained.

3. Remove all traces of accidents inside the house. Your pet will go back to the wrong areas if he smells the scent of his own urine or excrement there. Use a deodorizing cleaning solution to get rid of any odors that might be left on your floors and carpets.

4. Always use the same command when encouraging your pet to eliminate. While you mean the same thing when you say “go potty”, “do your business”, or “go poop”, your dog doesn’t know that and will only get confused. Use the exact same phrase at all times whenever you want him to go.

5. Minimize your dog’s food and water intake at night before he goes to sleep. This prevents accidents from happening, because he might not have full control of himself while he’s sleeping.

6. Keep your pet’s sleeping space as tight as comfortably possible. By instinct, canines do not want to soil their dens. Having your dog’s sleeping area just big enough for him to sleep in and turn around will literally leave no room for accidents. Take your pet to his designated potty spot outside every morning after he wakes up.

7. Give your pooch easy access to the outdoors by installing a doggie door or leaving the back door open. If these are unfeasible options for you, hang a bell on the door. Take your dog out every time he rings the bell so he will know that this is a signal for going out.

Whoever said that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks was just lazy. With the right knowledge and a lot of patience, housebreaking an adult dog is definitely possible.

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