There are several different manufacturers producing their own unique designs of grass litter boxes. Companies like the Rascal Dog Litter Box have their own idea concerning a dog’s needs. Unfortunately, while the idea is sound, the quality may be a completely different issue.

One of the first things every owner is concerned with, is how will the litter box smell inside your home after a few days of use. In this regard, the design of the grass is imperative to ensuring quality function. While the grass is designed with anti-microbial elements to prevent odors from soaking into the synthetic grass material, there is the lack of filtering holes to allow efficient flow into the base of the potty.

The structure basically utilizes a synthetic grass mat that sits inside of a basin, leaving little room for urine storage. Because the grass mat actually inhibits the flow of liquids, it essentially traps them on top of the mat for longer periods of time.

The results can be very contradictory to the purpose of the litter box. With liquids, such as urine, being trapped on the mat, your dog will essentially be standing in their own waste. This can result in tracking outside of the litter box, resulting in an exterior mess that needs to be cleaned. While the sides are raised in order to keep splashing and any straying liquids from escaping, it can also become an incentive to jump, and with urine having little to nowhere to go, it can splash up on your dog’s fur, creating a very strong dog odor smell and even an irritation issue for your dog.

While the odor issue could be resolved with daily maintenance, many owners don’t necessarily have the time to constantly spend washing their potty unit. After all, the grass litter box’s purpose is to create convenience for both you and your dog.

With the urine basically standing on the mat, it becomes an odor issue regardless of the grass’ ability to absorb the smell. Without proper relief, the structure of the mat contradicts its own purpose. The Rascal’s purpose is well-intended, but the design falls short of what it takes to really serve a dog’s needs.

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