There are various puppy potty styles available on the market. Each of them offer their own idea on what it takes to make a good source of plumbing for our four-legged friends. The Patio Park is a puppy potty that has been around for over a decade, offering their own solution to puppy plumbing.

Though it seems a little tacky with the cliché fire hydrant and fence for a background, the potty itself is a well-structured device, offering a 2’ x 4’ section for your pup to get comfy on. Although the length of the potty is 56 inches to allow room for the water reservoirs in case space is important to you.

All natural

The unique thing about the Patio Park is that it focuses primarily on an all-natural solution to your puppy’s needs. Many potties on the market are about the ease of cleaning combined with synthetic turf, while the Patio Park puts real grass up front. The unit features an irrigation system to keep the grass fresh and ensure long life. All you have to do is regularly add water to the reservoirs on both sides of the unit. The irrigation strips do the rest.

Of course, natural grass doesn’t last forever, which means it has to be replaced. Unlike other companies that offer their own cuts of natural grass, the Patio Park only requires a pair of 2’x2’ sections of grass sod from the hardware or gardening store. You don’t have to worry about ordering sections ahead of time or stocking up on grass.

In case you don’t want to deal with real grass, the Patio Park does offer a synthetic turf that can be washed for repeated use.

An excellent training tool

Because of its natural feel, the Patio Potty does make a great training tool for young pups. It makes a great potty solution for apartment and condo owners where grass may not be the most abundant commodity. Your pup gets the feel for natural grass under their paws while they doing their business. If you’ve transitioned from a home with a yard to an apartment with a patio, the Patio Park can definitely ease the stress of finding a suitable place to potty.

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