Grass litter boxes are becoming more popular as new innovations make indoor plumbing for pups easier. The Pet Loo is a new addition to the various styles, displaying excellent maintenance abilities and a durable construction to ensure longevity.

Maintaining the Loo

photoTalk about ease, the Pet Loo is easy to clean and maintain with little time and effort. The synthetic grass is tough, yet soft and comfortable for puppy paws. All you need do is pick up the solids and wash the mat off when things get too dirty. The base pan is what makes the Loo so easy to maintain. The base is constructed to collect and funnel you’re pup’s pee down into a removable tray. Each day, all you need do is remove the tray and either flush it, or do the environmentally friendly thing and put it in your puppy potty compost container in the back yard (it’s not hard to make one of these enviro-friendly devices). When it comes time to wash out the base, simply use warm water to wipe down the funnel walls. Since the water flows down into the collector, after you’re done, just dispose of properly.

Can handle any pup

While the synthetic grass is indeed soft and comfortable, the construction of the Loo handles it’s share of puppy poundage. The potty can hold up to 300 kilograms (that’s over 600 pounds), so you don’t have to worry about your faithful St. Bernard hopping up on it and breaking something. While the unit is indeed durable, space might be a problem for your big pup. That’s why the Loo was constructed with the ability to put two or more together without having a gap for anything to slip through. Now your huge huggable pup won’t have to navigate the winter ice in search of a place to squat.

The Pet Loo is indeed a great innovation for grass litter boxes. They come in two different sizes for pups, allowing for your four-legged friend to enjoy their very own indoor plumbing. Now you can relax and sleep in a little longer while your pup does their business when they need to.

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