Nothing is worse than waking up to a wet bed. Many dog owners have at some point found their dog to be the culprit of a messy bed. It can be very frustrating, especially if you have to constantly wash your sheets every day. In order to find the solution, however, you must first find the reason.

Consider your housebreaking strategy. This plays a big role in how your dog acts towards your home, which is their home as well. Young puppies need to be granted frequent access to a potty area, especially if they are being crate trained. If they are left inside without an opportunity to potty, they will have to use their bedding. This begins to teach them that it is okay to potty on their bed, which can be extremely difficult to break them of. This can become a repetitive problem if the bed isn’t cleaned properly, since the scent of the urine will tell the dog that they should potty there again.

Old senior dogs may also have urinary problems. But, it isn’t necessarily something that you’ve done. Over time, a dog can begin to lose control of their bladder, resulting in wet bedding or other accidents. Dogs suffering from other ailments, such as diabetes or kidney disease, or may also have urinary issues that point to problems.

One of the best preventative methods you can practice is scheduling your dog to potty. Dogs love habit, and their body has habits of its own, so take advantage of them. Refrain from feeding your dog any less than two hours before bedtime, and let them have access to a potty area at least an hour afterward. If you find yourself working late hours or unable to let your dog out to potty frequently, you may consider utilizing an indoor grass litter box. This will enable your young puppy or senior dog to have access to a potty location when they need it, preventing any messy situations.

If you’re waking up to find a wet bed, just imagine that you’re dog has probably been sleeping in it for most of the night. Take some precautions and utilize a few handy tools to help give both you and your dog a good night’s rest.

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