Your dog isn’t picky. He can poop just about anywhere he feels comfortable. The yard has become embedded with puppy potty and even some of your grass has begun to wilt from doggy relief. A good choice in picking up your canine friend’s droppings would be to try a grass litter box. They offer the same comfort as the yard, and are easily maintained and cleaned. It allows your pup the advantage of going to a location where he feels secure, so he can take care of his business. It will prove to be much easier that walking all over the yard searching, and sometimes finding poop the wrong way (like on the bottom of your shoe).

photoPuppy urine is notorious for killing grass. The arrival of brown spots in the yard is often noticed when your four-legged friend first joins your household. By training your fresh pup with a grass litter box, you can save your poor grass from wilting. These devices are easily maintainable and are often more comfortable than real grass, especially if you’ve got stickers in the yard, or don’t want to chance fleas or ticks hopping a ride on your faithful friend. With a portable grass litter box, you can locate a shady spot where your pup can get to his unloading zone without having to walk across that hot cement or sidewalk. That’s a comfort all on its own.

Another advantage to the grass litter box is that you can put it in a safe area. If you live in an apartment, and you don’t feel comfortable walking the pup at night, your canine friend can relieve himself close to home. It’s just like indoor plumbing for pets (something we humans take for granted). This can also offer apartment dwellers or folks that live in an area where there is not much greenery, a chance for your pup to feel comfortable doing his business. If he feels good pooping in the grass litter, he likely will not poop on your carpet. Keep your pup happy and your yard green.

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