Grass litter boxes have become an excellent addition to any dog owner’s life. Designed to ease daily life for both dog and owner, most grass litter boxes provide both natural grass and synthetic grass options to choose from. While synthetic grass is designed to last, it often lacks the natural feel that only real grass solutions can provide.

Amongst the many characteristics of natural grass are the smell, feel, and familiarity that cannot be replicated easily. Many synthetics can offer comfort, but the texture of real grass and it’s scent provide a dog with a place that is natural to use.

Beneficial for training

Dogs are naturally inclined to want to use grass. When it comes to training, this characteristic is extremely helpful in assisting you and your dog during the process. Specifically, if a dog is being trained to potty indoors, the unique smell of real grass in one location provides them with a pre-designated area for their use. The scent itself helps them to realize that this particular spot is special and different from carpet, floor, and couch.

Because your dog may already be accustomed to using the outdoors, the natural element of grass provides a neutral characteristic that they can familiarize with. This is opposed to changing them from using the grassy yard, to using a very unfamiliar spot that they don’t quite understand. Natural grass in your litter box will provide that connection to help your dog familiarize this spot as their potty.

Since a grass litter box serves many purposes, indoor potty training may only be a temporary solution for a young or very small puppy. When they get older, you may be planning to train them to potty outside. Real grass is the buffer for your dog’s needs, providing them with a location that is different, but shares the same characteristics to help ease the transition.

Whether you’re potty training your pup or transitioning them from the outside to indoor plumbing, real grass provides your dog with the comforts and familiar smells and feel of their natural environment. With real grass in your litter box, your dog can enjoy the comforts of the indoors with the feel of the outdoors.

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