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Mama always told you to wash your hands whenever you came inside or after you used the bathroom, and why? That’s because there are germs on your hands. Well, pups have germs too. They don’t quite have the modern conveniences of washing their paws when they’re done, so it’s up to you to make sure that your home stays germ free.

photoPups and other pets can carry an assortment of diseases. From ringworm to salmonella, various bugs can contaminate your home. But, while these diseases are numerous, their source is often singular- potty time. Yes, poop is the primary source for your pup’s germs. Potty in general can be full of disease, but poop is also a primary breeding ground for fleas and mites that carry diseases, which can transfer to people.

This means that it is important to keep potty areas clear of poop. Unfortunately, your dog is not always the only pup in the neighborhood. Updating shots and insuring that your pup has all their shots will greatly reduce the likelihood that they will carry such diseases, including worms. But, it is also beneficial to keep them clear of public potty areas where they can pick up some hitchhikers.

It doesn’t help that we don’t always keep up with cleaning up the yard. Dogs will potty just about anywhere and everywhere when they feel the time is right. Unfortunately, keeping up with clearing the yard of those nasty clumps of week old doggy poo isn’t exactly the most fun part of the day.

Indoor plumbing is awesome. We’ve thought so for at least a century, so why not for our beloved pets as well? If you’re like me, you never feel comfortable in a public restroom, the unfamiliarity and the sanitation. There’s no telling who else has used the same spot before. The Porch Potty is indeed the epitome of indoor plumbing for the pup. It keeps their potty in a controlled area, where it won’t get spread around and is easy to clean up. All the potty is in one general area, where it can be disposed of easily and quickly, so that it doesn’t have a chance to carry any diseases on into the household.

The Porch Potty offers one of the best advantages in preventing doggy diseases from both you and your pup, so that you can both enjoy a clean and healthy life together.

My business sometimes takes me away from my home in the city, and it can be hard managing a dog, let alone two. Sophie and Victoria are not only clever, they work together to make the most of mischief. Being single and away from most of my family, I can’t leave them with someone I really trust while I’m out on business trips. My neighbor volunteered to check on them, but I’m new to the area, and don’t feel that comfortable yet.

photoMy trips are usually short, but it’s almost impossible for me to bring my princesses with me. They’re not very big, but it’s far too costly to fly them both around with me. So I decided to situate them to set them up for the time I’m away. Aside from food reserves (an automated dispenser so they won’t eat it all the first day- because they will) and water, I purchased a Porch Potty as a solution for their basic needs. It works great, and keeps me from worrying while I’m at work too.

But what I didn’t consider was the odor part of the potty device. Although it stays clean, and I keep it maintained, there is always a slight odor, especially when I return home after a couple days. Because my business image relies on cleanliness (I work in interior design) and some of my work and business takes place in my condo, I can’t afford any after smells (which two pups can quickly generate).

I tried candles and incense, but they only hid or mixed with the smell, especially when you got close to their room. So I checked out the site that I bought the potty from, and they had the solution already. I purchased a bottle of the Turftastic to try it out. I put just a little in the potty reservoir and mixed some into a spray container for the grass. The odor faded away within a few hours, and I was pleased, as were my clients.

I’d recommend this for anyone having trouble with odors, and it’s safe for use on any grass- real or synthetic. Plus, it doesn’t discourage your pup from wanting to continue using the potty by overwhelming them with strong odors.

I recently decided to try one of those Porch Potties, and I can say I’m quite pleased. I’ve been having some trouble getting around the home, and Lucy still needs to do her business when the time comes. It hasn’t been as much a problem until recently when my wife started having to do a bit of traveling to help our daughter with her first born. She took care of most of our pup’s needs, such as her daily walks and her feeding. But now I have to manage all of it and with my arthritis giving me fits here and there, it isn’t as easy as opening the door to let her out. The house is a little bigger than I’d like it to be and sometimes the patio door is further than it looks. So I decided to look into something to make Lucy’s daily needs a little easier.

photoI did some research and liked what the Porch Potty had to offer. When it got here, I had no trouble putting it together, and even the little sprinkler for the maintenance was easy enough to hook up. We have a little sun room with sliding doors which made a great spot for Lucy’s new plumbing. I can leave the inside door open throughout the day and she comes and goes as she pleases.

What I hadn’t actually thought about, until it happened, was the rain. It doesn’t do much than shower on occasion and taking my corgi out in the storm never even occurred to me until it poured down the other day. I thought about my little girl having to run around in the yard that was quickly accumulating water, and liked the idea of indoor plumbing. Her short legs weren’t going to keep all her fur high enough above the incoming water for her to do her business comfortably. Even my wife agreed on the subject (I didn’t really talk to her about buying it, I just did it) and liked the idea of keeping our little girl comfortable, especially when all that fur can take a while to dry out.

photoIf a potty accident does take place, the cleanup can be a nasty job. Scooping up poop and getting the stain out of the carpet can be a bit tricky, but getting rid of the smell is the trick itself. The smell of urine is especially attractive to a pup, and if you don’t get rid of it, they may return for another round.

A pet odor digester is required for the job. The stain may be gone, but even the slightest hint of urine will catch that sensitive pup nose. The use of bacteria killing agents such as bleach based products may harm your carpet, and ammonia is probably not a good idea. Ammonia gives off a scent similar to urine so you may just end up making the situation worse. A pet odor digester contains enzymes that are formulated to break down urine and its bacteria to prevent any smell. When choosing an odor remover, make sure that the label specifically includes that the product contains these enzymes for dogs.

After you get the stain out, and soak up the mess, it is time to deodorize. The product will usually explain the application and it is best to follow recommended directions. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly after wards. A fancy recommendation is to mix a few drops of lavender oil into a cup of baking soda and sprinkle the mixture across the area. This creates a nice smell and covers any remaining odors to prevent your pups from returning to the spot.

These enzyme eaters work for poop too. Although poop is not as inviting as urine is, it still can attract your pup to the spot again. Remember though, that the longer an accident sits, the more difficult it will be to get out. If urine sits too long, it may soak into the matting under carpet and be permanent. Sometimes the only solution to this would be to actually remove the carpet spot and replace it. If you keep an eye on your pup, and catch the act early enough, you shouldn’t have to go this far.

If you are seeking to invest in a litter box for your canine friend, there are many different options out on the market. Overall, the best one is Porch Potty because of its unique design and durability. It offers many options as well as upgrades to accommodate dogs of any size. It has variable options and devices that make maintenance easy and convenient.

The Porch Potty is composed of a durable plastic structure, which is both light and strong. The light weight allows for easy transportation so that you can place the potty wherever you or your pup may desire. The durable casing holds up to one-hundred and twenty pound dogs, which is quite a bit of canine. Because it is composed of plastic and synthetic materials, it is resistant to weather conditions so that you can place the litter box outdoors on a patio or balcony. This can be especially helpful if you live on the top floor of an apartment complex. This also helps to train your pup to go outside to do his daily duties. You don’t always want your pup to feel comfortable going inside your home, so the Porch Potty makes a great durable litter box to keep your pup delivering outdoors.

The unique self-maintaining design helps to keep the potty from becoming unclean very quickly. When your pup urinates on the grass, the sprinkler system washes the residue down into the container and flushes itself. The only thing you have to do is pick up the poop. The synthetic grass does not absorb any of the liquids, so it will not mold or decay, keeping that stench away from the potty. If you so choose, you can also order the setup with real grass. For some folks, real grass has a nicer image, and even some pups may prefer it. When the old grass is used up, you can order new material online or through their handy customer service. The sprinkler system also helps to keep real grass watered and healthy for long life.

Especially convenient is that the Porch Potty offers you a location near home for your pup to relieve themselves when they need to. In a large condo or apartment complex in big cities, grass can usually only be found in the nearest park. This may save you an inconvenient walk, specifically in the middle of the night. The potty offers you a safe location for your pup to deliver his package on time and out of harm’s way. Because the potty is close to home, your pup doesn’t have to endure the elements when they have to relieve themselves. Hot cement can be uncomfortable for a pup, and cold rain or snow can make it difficult to walk your pup when the time comes to poop.

So if you’re on the market for a portable pup potty, the Porch Potty is your best bet. It offers the best range of availabilities for you and your pup’s convenience. Make your four-legged friend happy with the luxury of indoor plumbing.

Having a puppy is stressful when they eliminate anywhere inside the house. The solution is to potty train them indoors or outdoors depending on your house situation. Whichever you prefer, the idea of potty training is to get them to eliminate on a particular spot and get used to that spot.

photoWhether you are training them to do it outside or on a grass dog litter box, the key is to bring them to the spot where you want them to eliminate. You can do this by remembering some points on housebreaking your puppy. Dogs need to eliminate when they wake up, after each meal, and after playtime. Observe your dog when you do these things to get an idea how long it takes for them to eliminate after these activities. Following a schedule for these activities is advisable to track your dog’s elimination habits.

If you prefer to use a dog litter box, here is what you can do. Choose a dog litter box that is easy to clean and eliminates odor. Grass dog litter boxes are ideal because dogs can associate it to outdoor grass and this will make it easier for them to eliminate when they are outdoors. Make sure to set up the dog litter box on a comfortable spot where he will not be disturbed. After activities, bring your puppy to the dog litter box, and wait for them to eliminate. The puppy might find it weird at first so make sure to introduce the litter box by letting him explore it. While he does, encourage him to eliminate there. You can talk to him or use a command when encouraging him to go. Once he gets the habit, he will associate the command with eliminating on the litter box. Do not forget to praise him when he does it on the right spot as this gives positive reinforcement and will assure repetitive behavior. Remember to keep the litter box clean to make sure that your puppy continues to use it while training.

Potty training your puppy with a dog litter box is great but make sure to spend some time training them to get used to it as it will need time. Dedicate some time to following your schedule and observe. If done well, you will have a potty trained puppy with less time than one might expect.


I have an 11-year-old Chihuahua. She is toilet trained and goes to the bathroom outside just fine. Now that it’s snowing and cold, she just about keels over whenever we take her outdoors. My husband said she was so miserable she just lied down on the sidewalk.

photoWe decided to get a Porch Potty so she wouldn’t have to endure the cold, harsh weather every time she has to do her business. But despite the nice synthetic grass (which I thought she would like), she refuses to go on the Porch Potty and just sits on it. We’ve put some of her pee on the grass, as well as a few paper towels with her pee under the Porch Potty so she could smell it. We’ve also tried leashing her and standing with her like we normally do outside, but nothing’s working.

What are we doing wrong? How do we train our dog to go on the Porch Potty?


Getting a dog potty really helps a lot in toilet training. It’s very convenient for owners who live in high rise condominiums or for those who reside in limited living spaces with no yards. I also own a Porch Potty and I got it because it has a nice drainage system that allows me to rinse my dogs’ pee right down the gutters of my rear deck.

At your Chihuahua’s age, getting her to go inside the house is like telling her to do something she knows she’s not supposed to. I recommend replacing the synthetic grass with live training sod. The scent of real grass will make it easier to train your pet to use the Porch Potty because dogs have a natural instinct to eliminate on grass.

If she really won’t go on the Porch Potty and she’s holding in her pee for hours, I suggest going outside and shoveling a 4 by 4 feet clearing in the snow so she can relieve herself there for the meantime. She’s probably very uncomfortable and stressed over the unfamiliar Porch Potty, which may take her a while to get used to.

Review: Four Brands of Dog Litter Boxes

Words can’t really describe how dog owners feel about their canine best friends. As a dog owner myself, I know how much effort and commitment my fellow dog owners have for their pets. We treat them like our own children, give them the utmost care and affection, always consider their best interests, and place them on the top of our list of priorities.  photo

Being a dog owner isn’t all fun and games, though. There’s one period in our dog’s life that a lot of us wish we could just skip: potty training. Housebreaking can be especially challenging, perhaps even torture, for dog owners who live in an apartment or condominium. It certainly helps having a terrace or lawn so you don’t have to go down ten floors every time your pet needs to do his business.

Lucky for us apartment dwelling dog owners, there are many canine litter boxes available on the market to make our lives easier. Here are some of them (Porch Potty, Pet Patio Potty, The Pet Patch, Wizdog), ranked according to these criteria:

Easy to assemble

And the winner is… the Porch Potty!

Porch Potty

Overall rating: The well constructed Porch Potty provides ample space and coverage. It has two drain options, and the Premium model is the only dog potty box that can clean itself. All these features and more for a very reasonable price!

Pet Patio Potty

Overall rating: In second place is the Pet Patio Potty. What I liked about it is that it is stylish, well made, and can be customized in terms of materials and sizes. What I didn’t like about it was that assembly was a bit confusing, though I did manage to get around it.

Pet Patch

Overall rating: The Pet Patch is 100% recycled and 100% organic, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious dog owners. It is easy to assemble, easy to use, and low maintenance. I didn’t really have any issues with the Pet Patch, but it got a lower rating because it had less to offer in general.


Overall rating: The construction of the Wizdog might make it unsuitable for larger dogs. It is probably best for smaller dogs that are used to doing their business on training pads or newspapers. While it is cheaper, the Wizdog does require more work when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Bringing a dog into your home is not an easy task. Because while you bought a puppy to make your family happy, it is also the responsibility of your family to make sure that the puppy not only has food and shelter but also feels comfortable.

photoOne way to make sure that your new puppy will feel comfortable and happy is through providing him with the necessary furniture he needs to feel cozy and assured.  Providing the necessary furniture and gear for new dog will help your new puppy adjust to his new environment.  There are many options available you can choose from.

The first thing you should consider buying is a dog crate, dog house, or a dog carrier.  It is the most vital thing that your dog needs in order to feel at home because it provides a place where your dog will have privacy and security.  In addition, a dog crate will also provide a good tool for potty training.  This means less worry while he/she is learning.

Dog crates also come in various designs and types.  Since you want the best for your dog, having a wide range of choices will make it easier for you to find the most functional dog crate for your new-found best friend.

To add more comfort, a dog bed should be made available along with the dog kennel.  This will allow your dog to have an extra place in your house when he is not in his dog house.  This will help your dog identify his limitations in the house.  That means he does not have to climb up your bed or your couch because he has his own bed where he can take a nap.

Just like the dog crates, dog beds are also available in the market along with a wide range of designs.  Most of these designs include donut shape, flat, horseshoe shape, and even designs that look like a small piece of human furniture.  However, certain dog beds are not recommended for dogs that chew on things.

If your dog seems to have problems with leaving his waste anywhere, buying a potty training system can help you solve this problem.  Potty training systems like Porch Potty are considered the best tools to help train your dog. They also help you save time and money, as well as lessen stress.

Finding the best furniture for your dog is easy because there are a lot of online shopping sites you can visit.  Online stores not only provide you with various choices; they will also save you time by delivering your package to your doorstep.

Potty training your puppy is one of the challenges that come with taking care of dogs.  You should set a dog potty training routine that your puppy can get used to.

photoA major thing you can do in order to house break your puppy is to use his crate in the process. In the morning, for instance, make it a habit to take him out for a walk.  If he had been sleeping all night in his crate, he will not relieve himself there, because no dog would use his crate as a toilet.  When your dog wakes up, he is most likely all set to do his business, and this is the perfect time to take him outside.  This will tell your puppy that going outside to relieve himself is acceptable.

After he goes potty, give him a hug or a special treat.  You can also let him off his leash and give him some time to run and play.  You need to keep this schedule so that the pattern will get established, and your dog will know what to do next or what to expect.  A sudden change in the routine may confuse your dog and may only cause him to go back to his old habits.

Another option for dog potty training is introducing a dog litter box which your puppy can use even inside the house.  This is ideal for pets inside apartments or condos where going outside the house for potty may be impossible for your dog.  A new dog litter box which is made of artificial grass is now out in the market and it is proving to be a unique solution to dog potty training.  Porch Potty is designed for the purpose of potty training your dog using real or artificial grass.  It can be placed in your patio or terrace which will make it convenient for your dog to relieve himself.  What is fascinating about this product is it requires almost no maintenance, because it has self-cleaning features. You would only need to attach it to a garden hose, let water run through it, and let it drain.

This is just the perfect dog litter box for your dog if you don’t really have a spacious yard where your dog can do his business.  It makes taking care of dogs a lot easier, and less of a hassle for pet owners.

Dog potty training requires commitment and a constant showering of praises on your dog, especially during the early stages.  Once your puppy has perfected the idea of using a dog litter box, shower him with hugs and compliments.  It may take some time, but your dog will soon get the message that using the dog litter box or relieving himself outside is something you approve of, and something that will earn him a reward from you.