Cleaning dog urine can be quite tricky. As with everything else, prevention is your best defense; house training your pet can greatly reduce the chances of getting your expensive carpet ruined.
In the meantime, here are some tips to make cleaning easier:

• Determine the exact spot where your dog urinated. If it is still damp or wet, use old newspapers to soak up the excess liquid right away.

• Rinse the affected area with water to dilute the urine.

• If your dog urinated on a carpet, refer to the washing instructions of the carpet to see
if there are any warnings against the use of specific cleansing formulas. Always treat
stains properly to avoid permanently damaging the material.

• Apply a specially formulated product to remove the smell of dog urine. This is important because not eliminating the odor completely will cause your pet to urinate in the same spot later on.

• If the urine has already dried and you cannot see it, try to find the spot with a black light.

• Vacuum the areas where your dog usually urinates.


And some important reminders:

• Keep in mind that the sooner you clean up the mess, the easier it will be, and the less likely the stains will set.

• Clean the area thoroughly with the right product to remove all odors. Dogs have a stronger sense of smell and can smell things we cannot. If your pet detects his urine in a certain spot, he will keep going back there to do his business.

• Use non-toxic products that are especially made for dog accidents as they break down waste organically while neutralizing odors. Additionally, they are more effective and safer for homes with children. Always check the label when shopping for cleaning products.

• While waiting for the spot to dry after cleaning, open the windows or turn on the fan to improve air circulation.

• Aside from cleaning the stain as soon as possible, it is also important to toilet train or re-train your dog to prevent any future accidents.

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