One of the top ways to introduce your new dog to your home is via crate training. The reason why this technique is so effective is because it makes use of your dog’s natural instincts to help you achieve your goal instead of forcing him to do something.

photoFor best results with crate training, you have to set up a schedule. Having a routine to follow will keep your dog from relieving himself in the wrong places. Throughout the entire training process, remember to praise your dog each time he goes to the bathroom in the right area at the right time. This will help him understand that he has done a good job, which will reinforce the habit.

The idea behind crate training is to confine your dog when you can’t supervise him. Place him in his crate when you leave the house. Take him outside to go to the bathroom once you come back home. Do the same thing at night. Crate your dog while you’re sleeping, then take him outside as soon as you wake up.

Don’t leave your dog in his crate for too long or he will be forced to relieve himself in there. After all, he won’t be able to hold it in forever. The crate is to be used as a tool for training and not as a device for punishment or abuse. Leaving a dog in a crate for too many hours will definitely be a setback.

Another useful tip is to associate rewards with good behavior. If you give your pet a toy or a treat after he has peed or pooped in the right spot, he will learn that good things come from going to the bathroom in the correct area at the correct time.

Be aware that there will be accidents in the beginning as it will take your dog time to learn everything. When he does make a mistake, do not punish him. Your pet will still learn but not become afraid of you.

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