I recently decided to try one of those Porch Potties, and I can say I’m quite pleased. I’ve been having some trouble getting around the home, and Lucy still needs to do her business when the time comes. It hasn’t been as much a problem until recently when my wife started having to do a bit of traveling to help our daughter with her first born. She took care of most of our pup’s needs, such as her daily walks and her feeding. But now I have to manage all of it and with my arthritis giving me fits here and there, it isn’t as easy as opening the door to let her out. The house is a little bigger than I’d like it to be and sometimes the patio door is further than it looks. So I decided to look into something to make Lucy’s daily needs a little easier.

photoI did some research and liked what the Porch Potty had to offer. When it got here, I had no trouble putting it together, and even the little sprinkler for the maintenance was easy enough to hook up. We have a little sun room with sliding doors which made a great spot for Lucy’s new plumbing. I can leave the inside door open throughout the day and she comes and goes as she pleases.

What I hadn’t actually thought about, until it happened, was the rain. It doesn’t do much than shower on occasion and taking my corgi out in the storm never even occurred to me until it poured down the other day. I thought about my little girl having to run around in the yard that was quickly accumulating water, and liked the idea of indoor plumbing. Her short legs weren’t going to keep all her fur high enough above the incoming water for her to do her business comfortably. Even my wife agreed on the subject (I didn’t really talk to her about buying it, I just did it) and liked the idea of keeping our little girl comfortable, especially when all that fur can take a while to dry out.

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