Mama always told you to wash your hands whenever you came inside or after you used the bathroom, and why? That’s because there are germs on your hands. Well, pups have germs too. They don’t quite have the modern conveniences of washing their paws when they’re done, so it’s up to you to make sure that your home stays germ free.

photoPups and other pets can carry an assortment of diseases. From ringworm to salmonella, various bugs can contaminate your home. But, while these diseases are numerous, their source is often singular- potty time. Yes, poop is the primary source for your pup’s germs. Potty in general can be full of disease, but poop is also a primary breeding ground for fleas and mites that carry diseases, which can transfer to people.

This means that it is important to keep potty areas clear of poop. Unfortunately, your dog is not always the only pup in the neighborhood. Updating shots and insuring that your pup has all their shots will greatly reduce the likelihood that they will carry such diseases, including worms. But, it is also beneficial to keep them clear of public potty areas where they can pick up some hitchhikers.

It doesn’t help that we don’t always keep up with cleaning up the yard. Dogs will potty just about anywhere and everywhere when they feel the time is right. Unfortunately, keeping up with clearing the yard of those nasty clumps of week old doggy poo isn’t exactly the most fun part of the day.

Indoor plumbing is awesome. We’ve thought so for at least a century, so why not for our beloved pets as well? If you’re like me, you never feel comfortable in a public restroom, the unfamiliarity and the sanitation. There’s no telling who else has used the same spot before. The Porch Potty is indeed the epitome of indoor plumbing for the pup. It keeps their potty in a controlled area, where it won’t get spread around and is easy to clean up. All the potty is in one general area, where it can be disposed of easily and quickly, so that it doesn’t have a chance to carry any diseases on into the household.

The Porch Potty offers one of the best advantages in preventing doggy diseases from both you and your pup, so that you can both enjoy a clean and healthy life together.

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