Dog grass litter boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed for a specific breed, while others work to appeal to every dog. There are multiple designs, each manufactured to be as effective as possible in achieving their purpose.

A fairly unique approach to the grass litter box design is PetZoom’s low profile structure. This setup is easy for your dog to mount, making it useable by the smallest dog. Synthetic grass that is easy to clean is the choice of this design, which makes the entire potty lightweight and simple. With little effort, you can place multiple pads close together to create a large potty area for big dogs that need the space.

While it is low profile, this condition makes it easy for people and dogs to accidentally walk across, potentially making a mess. Synthetic grass isn’t as enticing as natural grass choices like Porch Potty offers, limiting the versatility and trainability that can be offered by multiple grass solutions. Another problem that arises is that the low profile doesn’t provide much storage, leading to the need for frequent cleaning.

While the PetZoom is a simple and lightweight device, the Porch Potty has options that make it a far more versatile unit. Such choices as the synthetic and real grass option give owners the ability to choose what style is appropriate for their dog, appealing to a larger audience of pet owners. While it is larger and more spacious, it weighs more than the PetZoom, but not by much. Other options, such as the self-maintaining feature help keep the potty fresh with less upkeep on your part. The low profile is transferred to incorporate raised sides, but helps to designate the area as a separate location to avoid stepping on or tracking through.

Both of these grass litter boxes have a certain appeal for different purposes. The PetZoom would make for an excellent travel potty where maintenance and capacity are exchanged for the advantages this style offers in low size and weight, while the Porch Potty makes for an all-around quality in-home potty unit that can be easily maintained and has a variety of options and combinations to choose from so you can ensure that your dog has the ultimate potty experience.

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