Our pups are great companions and we enjoy playing with them and watching them play. But what about watching their poop? Not many owners constantly pay attention to something like this, but it is actually very important to keep track of. Your dog’s poop will inform you of many things like health issues and even what they ate recently- like your kid’s toys.

photoColor is likely the most visible way to indicate as to what is going on inside your pup’s body. You don’t have to examine it under a microscope to keep yourself informed and ensure your pup’s health.

Very dark droppings such as extreme brown or black will signal that there is bleeding somewhere in your pup’s intestines. Sometimes an ulcer in the stomach or the upper intestines will allow blood to flow through the rest of the digestive track and pass through, making your pup’s poop appear black. There are certain parasites which can cause intestine bleeding, and you need to visit a vet right away if your pup appears to have internal problems

Grey poop is commonly a sign that their bile duct is obstructed due to a possible gallbladder infection. The gallbladder is essential for proper digestion, and if your dog experiences pain of their abdomen and lack of appetite along with grey droppings, you should take them to the vet immediately. Gallbladder infections are very dangerous and can rupture causing even more problems.

If your pup’s poop may appear to be orange in color, do not fret, often it is a combination of their diet with something they ate. If the color is a one-time event, then there is likely no need to be concerned. But if it is ongoing or a very dark color orange, you need to check with a vet about internal bleeding and intestinal infection as these may be likely.

Studying your pup’s poop may seem like an odd thing to do (especially to a nosy neighbor) but it is an important way of ensuring your pup’s health. Take care of your pup, and when you walk them, don’t leave their poop in someone else’s yard please.

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