Potty training your puppy is one of the challenges that come with taking care of dogs.  You should set a dog potty training routine that your puppy can get used to.

photoA major thing you can do in order to house break your puppy is to use his crate in the process. In the morning, for instance, make it a habit to take him out for a walk.  If he had been sleeping all night in his crate, he will not relieve himself there, because no dog would use his crate as a toilet.  When your dog wakes up, he is most likely all set to do his business, and this is the perfect time to take him outside.  This will tell your puppy that going outside to relieve himself is acceptable.

After he goes potty, give him a hug or a special treat.  You can also let him off his leash and give him some time to run and play.  You need to keep this schedule so that the pattern will get established, and your dog will know what to do next or what to expect.  A sudden change in the routine may confuse your dog and may only cause him to go back to his old habits.

Another option for dog potty training is introducing a dog litter box which your puppy can use even inside the house.  This is ideal for pets inside apartments or condos where going outside the house for potty may be impossible for your dog.  A new dog litter box which is made of artificial grass is now out in the market and it is proving to be a unique solution to dog potty training.  Porch Potty is designed for the purpose of potty training your dog using real or artificial grass.  It can be placed in your patio or terrace which will make it convenient for your dog to relieve himself.  What is fascinating about this product is it requires almost no maintenance, because it has self-cleaning features. You would only need to attach it to a garden hose, let water run through it, and let it drain.

This is just the perfect dog litter box for your dog if you don’t really have a spacious yard where your dog can do his business.  It makes taking care of dogs a lot easier, and less of a hassle for pet owners.

Dog potty training requires commitment and a constant showering of praises on your dog, especially during the early stages.  Once your puppy has perfected the idea of using a dog litter box, shower him with hugs and compliments.  It may take some time, but your dog will soon get the message that using the dog litter box or relieving himself outside is something you approve of, and something that will earn him a reward from you.

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