An enjoyable walk with your pup is a great way to bond. Letting them run about and smell the flowers is fun for them and it gets you a bit of exercise. First do you have your checklist? Leash, collar, tags and a poop bag for your doggy are all important things to remember for the trail.

photoYour pup needs to be walked on a regular basis. Staying in a fence or in the house can get anybody a little restless so it is important to get out and let your pup stretch all four of his legs. Dogs enjoy nature, so choose an area that is off the beaten path. Try not to use roads where traffic is heavy. Take your pup to a park, or nature trail in the area. They will enjoy the new scenery and all the different smells. Be careful where you are walking too, hot pavement or asphalt can scorch a pup’s paws. They may not let on that this is happening, so use your own hands to feel the ground. If it is uncomfortable for you, it is probably the same for your companion.

What is important to remember is to make sure you are ready for a safe walk. Carry plenty of water with you- for both of you. A small cup or shallow container will make a handy bowl for your pup to lap from during the journey. Taking breaks during the journey to rest yourselves would be a graceful idea. Find a shady spot and let your pup enjoy a drink of water and a treat.

As your journey continues, it is likely that your pup will have the opportunity to relieve themselves. It is always wise to carry with you a plastic bag or device for you to collect your pup’s poop. Remember that if someone allowed their dog to poop in your yard, you would probably want them to clean it up themselves. It is the same for parks and neighborhoods as well. Please do not leave a special package unattended, it is not nice, and can spread parasites to other pups.

So as you two explore the world for the afternoon, remember to be safe, prepared and clean. Spend some time with each-other and enjoy a wonderful journey with your four-legged friend.

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