Housetraining your dog doesn’t have to be an incredibly difficult time for your pup. All it takes is the right teaching and your pup will be quick to learn. When it comes to housetraining your dog, there are several habits you should refrain from doing during the process. Avoid these “don’ts” of housetraining.

Assuming your dog will potty on your schedule is a big misconception. This is a problem that many new dog owners first believe. But, it takes a while for a dog to become in tune with your schedule, and in the meantime, they’re probably going to potty when they need to. This usually coincides with their meal times. Dogs should be fed two to three times a day, and meals should allow about an hour between you leaving or bedtime so that your pup can potty before they sleep.

Choose outside or inside when potty training. Using both at the same time can confuse your pup, teaching them that they can go wherever they want. If you’re starting with an indoor grass litter box, stick with it during the training process. If you start outside, refrain from using those indoor puppy pads even if they are a precaution.

Another thing that you should never do is rely on your older dog to teach your new dog any tricks. While older dogs have their habits, your young pup will look to you for guidance. Even if your older pup is an ideal pup, you need to spend time with your new dog and provide the necessary teachings.

The most important thing that you should never do is discipline your dog when they’ve had an accident in the house, especially if you didn’t catch them in the act. This only teaches them to be scared of you, and usually makes the problem worse. When an accident does happen, you’ll need to clean it up properly with enzyme based cleaners to remove any scent. Rather than take measures to correct the problem, work on positive influences that make your pup want to potty outside.

Remember that preparing your dog for life in your home, you have to keep the preventative mind-set during training. Rather than wait for a dog to do something the wrong way, teach them the right way with positive influence.

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