Does your dog eliminate in all the wrong places? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could train him to “unleash the goods” in one spot? It’s definitely possible if you train your pooch to use a litter box. Although litter box training is usually associated with felines, this method also works well with canines.

A litter box is basically an enclosed area that your dog can always use as a toilet. While the training process is not all that difficult, it does require patience and some effort on your part.

How to train your dog to use a litter box

photoPlace your dog in the area every half hour and wait five minutes to see if he needs to go. If he has to eliminate, he will usually start sniffing or circling around. If he doesn’t, try again after 20-30 minutes. Repeat this step many times daily until he starts using the litter box on his own.

Say a command such as “toilet” and point to the litter box.

Whenever your dog eliminates in the litter box, praise or reward him with a food treat immediately. Praise your dog in a high pitched voice and exaggerate your excitement so he will realize that he is doing something good.

You should also let your dog know when he’s been bad. If he relieves himself in the wrong spot, say “no” firmly. If possible, take him to the litter box and point to it so he’ll begin to understand what it’s for.

Another great tactic is to place some of your pet’s urine in the litter box. Canines tend to eliminate in places where the scent of their pee is present.

When starting out, most dog owners find it easier to train their pet indoors rather than outdoors. Once you’ve successfully litter box trained your dog, you can move the litter box to your preferred location outside and work on getting your dog to use it in the new site.

Remember that litter box training can be a slow process. Try to make it as fun as possible. Don’t get mad at your dog if he’s not learning as fast as you want. Just be persistent and consistent.

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