Everybody’s dog poops. It is an inevitable fact of life that all pet owners must deal with. Consider though all the waste that can be accumulated over time. If you didn’t pick up your dog’s droppings and keep your yard clean, it would definitely get pretty nasty and a bit unsanitary.

Keeping your yard free of puppy feces is important, especially health-wise. As puppy poop sits in the yard, it can become a developing ground for insects- mainly fleas. These insects are renown for spreading diseases like hook worm to your pup. The simple unsanitary conditions of stepping on puppy poop can also be quite the upset. You may end up tracking it through the house creating even more mess. Properly disposing of your pup’s droppings is important to keeping your life style sanitary.

photoHave you ever noticed those unsightly yellow stains in your yard? Those are places where your pup has left a package and it sat for way too long. Because of the damaging side effect pup poop has on grass, it is important that you make it a habit to pick up and dispose of droppings.

If you have a grass litter box for your pup, you understand how important it is to keep the device relatively clean- especially if it is inside your home. Make it a daily habit to keep the litter free of loose dog poop so that it won’t get stuck on their paws and get tracked around the patio or house. If your device does not have a self-draining system, you may have to dispose of any accumulated liquids yourself. The most preferable choice for this is the human toilet. It is the best option for disposing of any puppy waste because it is designed to safely treat our waste so it should be able to handle a little puppy poop.

As a pet owner, know that it is important to dispose of your dog’s waste. Flushing your pup’s waste down the toilet is probably the most readily available way to safely dispose of it. Picking up after your pup is a messy job, but somebody’s got to do it. As long as you remember to get rid of your pup’s poop properly, your home should stay clean and odor free.

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