Since pup come in all sorts and sizes, they all have slightly different needs. Our friends may be small, but they still have a big heart- and the same need to potty. Smaller pups aren’t our regular outdoor guard dogs that may spend the day outside, romping through the yard with the bathroom readily available at a moment’s notice. Those small friends of ours usually spend a lot of time indoors, waiting for us to get home to let them out so they can take care of business. Consider for a moment, the quality of indoor plumbing that can ease your pup’s need to potty.

photoOne of the best advantages of indoor plumbing for that little rascal is the fact that weather won’t bother their little paws anymore. The elements bring about icy weather that can cover the world in a blanket of white, which can be a little uncomfortable to squat in- especially if you aren’t very big to begin with. Rain isn’t too fun to run around in, unless you’re singing in it, but for a pup trying to navigate through paw-deep puddles, it can be a little discerning. With litter boxes like the Porch Potty, your pup gets a taste of the same yard- year round regardless of the weather.

Another bonus to indoor plumbing is that your pup won’t have to hold it all day while they wait for you to get home, especially since most small pups are inside dogs that spend the day curled up on the couch. They may run around and chase that ever so evasive tail all day while you’re gone. But when the time comes to potty, their little bladder can have trouble holding it in until the late hours of the day.

Grass litter boxes can prove to be quite the gift for that little rascal of yours, making things easier for the both of you. And while grass litter boxes are convenient for pups of all sizes, our little friends can experience some of the best benefits that indoor plumbing has to offer.

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