You begin to open a can of doggy food and here comes your pup- sliding past home base and right into the wall. Tile and hardwood flooring seem to prove difficult for pups to navigate effectively. The clicking noises and sliding are often a common sound amongst your household. You have to ask yourself though, do the polished surfaces help slow your pup down and help to housetrain them? Is all that sliding something of a stage in early puppy training?

Slow your role pup!

photoThere are several types of flooring you may have. Wood, stone, ceramic or laminated styles are all somewhat slick and cause your pup to lose control on a regular basis. But, as you may well realize, a pup’s loss of control is commonly due to their high acceleration, high speed and failure to slow down in a timely fashion.

As a puppy, the introduction to a hard, polished surface can help to associate them with calmness. They soon find that if they hurry when they hear that food bag shake, they may end up sliding right past you and landing hard on the floor. Over time they develop the realization that the floor is no place to run- therefore your home is no place to run around in.


The nice thing about hard flooring is that it fails to absorb quite the same as carpeting. Most floors such as wood and stone still have scent absorbing qualities, so cleaning them quickly is necessary. But laminated and ceramic floors are very good at resisting scent. The polished surfaces add a great advantage to housetraining a pup as if there is perchance an accident, the cleaning process is quick and rather painless. This means your pup won’t be as likely to re-spray your home for you in the future.

Unfortunately, the training process can be hard on a tile floor. Scratch marks will normally become visible over time. Wood and stone are the most susceptible to this, while laminated and ceramic are very good at resisting a pup’s nails.

If your flooring is tile based, you may actually have a slight advantage to housetraining your pup. But, keep in mind that if your pup finds it excessively difficult to navigate the home, placing rugs throughout the home can help them find places that are more comfortable for their paws.

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