A puppy arrives at your household (did the stork bring it- we don’t know) and the house training must begin. Your plans likely include the necessity to potty train your pup so now you’re considering what direction to take. There are a variety of tools and devices on the market that are said to make potty training your pup easier, but do they work the way they say it will? Sometimes you find out the hard way by making an investment. Not all devices do exactly what they are supposed to and there are situations in which these devices may not function properly as each pup is unique- just like us.

photoPuppy pads are basically an absorbent material likened to a baby’s diaper. Your puppy is supposed to sniff and pee (or poop). Sure they absorb, but some problems have arisen in which they don’t absorb enough. Leaking out onto the floor and soiling the surrounding area is one of these devices many setbacks. Often this happens, and when you move the pad to a new location- your pup continues to go back to previous spot anyway. This is not only habit, but the fact that the scent is already soaked into the ground. Get ready to scrub and deodorize the area because that’s the only way to stop the macabre.

The absorption can prove to be useful- for a time. Often users have complained that their pups are urinating or pooping next to the pad rather than on it. The conclusion was that when the pad has already been soaked or pooped upon, the pup will move on

– usually right next to the target as they seek enough room to potty. This problem happens even when the pup is securely house trained, simply because they are doing what seems logical.

One thing these companies did to solve this problem was design and SELL a new product to aid in preventing the leakage from getting to the floor. You can of course purchase this new product for some extra cash. Puppy pads have seemingly become quite the investment. Along with the price of the pads, the fact that you need to purchase them on a regular basis can add up to quite a bit of money at the end of the year.

Deciding how you are going to potty train your pup is often a challenge on its own. Finding the right tools and devices that will be effective for your pup’s needs is essential to keeping your home potty free.

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