Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, the sound reverberating through the home. You may think your pup a coward as they hightail it under the bed or covers, but it is a fairly common response. What can prove somewhat more difficult is getting your four-legged friend settled enough to go potty. You can’t just toss them outside, so it’s best to help them cope with the storm, and think of some solutions to ease the stress on your pup.

Too scary, no potty

photoNot only does the thunder present a problem to most pups, but the rain can be a little distressing too. Taking your pup out to potty when it’s raining cats-and-dogs is hard on its own. Getting them to actually potty can be a little harder. Often times the wet ground or pavement isn’t exactly the most comfortable spot to potty (wet toilet seat anyone?). What you should try is taking them where it is dry and away from the sidewalk, perhaps the bushes or hedge would work.

Coping with fear

Desensitizing is often a practice used by owners to eliminate responses a pup commonly has, such as fear of thunder. Try associating the noise of thunder with good things such as playtime or treats. Constantly playing a soundtrack (even when it’s not raining) that has sounds of the storm throughout the day will desensitize your pup to related noises. Don’t react negatively to their fear (excessive soothing or punishment), as it will only encourage it more.

Consider also the option of distorting or drowning out the sounds. Turn on the television or radio. Distraction can be a very useful tool to help your pup deal with the storm.

Consider your options

You may also consider the option of indoor “plumbing”. Grass litter boxes offer a safe sanctuary within a home or under shelter where your pup can relieve themselves without getting an unnecessary rain bath. Your pup will stay dry and happier.

So next time the storm comes banging on your roof and knocking at your door, remember your pup and work with them to help them deal with the storm.

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