The process of housebreaking your new pup can be a tedious process. You can expect there to be accidents because that is simply part of the learning process. The trick is to do what you can to prevent them from taking place. By helping to eliminate the accident factor, you can reduce the need to discipline your pup.

Potty training can be the most difficult part of keeping your house clean. This is the messy part of having a pup and can prove to be a bit tricky. There are two types of accidents that can take place- the one where you catch them in the act, and the other they sneak a poop in your favorite shoe. If you catch them in the act, you may decide that discipline is necessary. A stern verbal command should be associated here to let your pup know that what they are doing is wrong. Just remember that it can cause anxiety and stress the pup even more. You may instead consider immediately taking the pup to their designated potty area and letting them finish. This will help them build association with the spot and potty time.

photoIf your pup does potty in the house and you do not catch them in the act, you should refrain from punishment. Showing frustration and disciplining your pup will not help to prevent them from using the carpet as a toilet again. They may not understand what is happening and since they are being punished for a previous crime, they will not associate it with the present discipline. This can cause unneeded stress in a pup and the resulting anxiety will only make it harder to effectively teach them.

Positive reinforcement is possibly a better teaching tool. Associating your pup’s potty time with a specific command and praising them when they successfully potty in their designated spot will keep them excited about the situation. Teaching in this manner will help eliminate the need for consistently disciplining your pup.

Discipline is a matter of principle and should be a situation your pup is aware of and not something that they suffer from. A well-disciplined pup understands your commands and knows what they must do without your constant guidance.

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