Schedules are going to change this summer. Kids are getting out of school, the sun spends more time in the sky, and we may even find ourselves partaking in a travel expedition as long as the warmer climate agrees with us.

Summer housebreaking schedule

But, all this change ultimately means that our dog’s schedule will have to be adjusted as well. When it comes to potty training, these summer schedule changes will have an effect on how your dog responds to your training methods.

Summer days are renowned for being longer. The sun rises earlier and sets later, which seems to have an effect on time. We’re far more active during the summer, attending events and even getting a little extra exercise. This does provide many opportunities to spend some extra time with your dog, but it can also leave your dog at home alone when attending certain events or celebrations. Just because our activities change, doesn’t mean that your dog’s potty needs will change with it.

It’s also likely you’re going to be doing more traveling this summer. Statistically, summer is the most popular time to travel on vacation, which can put you and your entire family in new locations. This can leave your dog struggling to learn to potty appropriately in a new environment. This can confuse your dog, causing stress that could make the potty training process more difficult.

On the up-side, the kids are going to be home more often. The majority of schools let out for the summer, giving your dog a few new playmates. Just keep in mind that a young dog can easily get preoccupied with playtime and completely forget that they have to take care of their natural needs. Regularly provide a potty area where they can relieve themselves without distraction, even if you have to take them outside and separate them for a certain amount of time so they can take care of business.

Don’t forget the summer heat. Hot pavement will dissuade any dog from wanting to cross it to take care of business. Because pavement can be in excess of +20 degrees hotter than the air, it won’t take long to singe puppy paws. Consider shading pavement and areas where your dog will need to go to eliminate. You can also provide an indoor grass litter box that will keep your dog’s paws cool this summer.

Be aware of what you’ll need to do to keep your dog’s potty training on schedule even when your schedule has undergone the summer changes. Set your dog up for success by providing an environment where they can stay cool and enjoy the summer with you.

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