House-training is basically the art of building your pup’s habits in such a way that they know how to properly act in their home. Yeah, that sounds a little scientific, but it’s true. Dogs are by nature habit forming creatures, so it is our job (if you want to keep your house and belongings safe) to teach them right from wrong.

photoPerhaps the most important element to remember is positivity. When teaching your pup how they should act, keep in mind that you want to reinforce the good habits to avoid the bad ones.

Meal time

Something to keep in mind is your pup’s diet. If you’re a newcomer to the pup-owning population, you should understand that a dog’s body is very different from a person’s. A quality puppy food (try to avoid cheap knockoffs) should be used for youngsters. As for table scraps, these should only be considered a treat for older dogs. Because dogs easily develop habits, feeding a pup leftovers from your meal often leads to begging for more while you’re eating. Instead of addressing the begging problem later, avoid it now. If you decide to give your pup some leftovers, place them in their bowl, after you’ve completed your own meal.

Potty in the right place

The most vital part of housebreaking is indeed the potty training. Teaching your pup to potty in the right place isn’t a mere trick, it’s a habit that needs to be built. Youngsters should never be left alone to wander alone through the house as it often leads to a mystery pile in the closet or behind the couch.

Because a young pup’s ability to hold their bladder is very difficult at younger ages, it is important to give them frequent access to their potty area. Don’t forget them, because a first accident often leads to more. The best thing you can do is help them to avoid any bad habits in the first place. If you see them circling or squatting, scoop them up and break for the door as quickly as you can.

Every pup is going to act a little different, and that’s because they each have their own personality. As our pup’s live and learn, they become what they’ve been taught. Treat your friend like a good pup, and they’ll act like it for the rest of their life.

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