Training one pup is hard enough, but two or more at the same time can prove to be quite a challenge. Multiple pups can prove to be difficult to control, but with a little time and patience, you can get your new companions to work together and teach each other.

photoBecause dogs are a pack animal, one will likely copy the other. Teaching one to potty in a particular area will usually lead to the others using the same location. Unfortunately they will copy bad habits as well and can become aggressive with each other.  Take one pup out at a time to potty to develop the habit of using the proper place to potty. Training one pup will not mean that both pups will learn though. Time will have to be spent individually as you train them because they will usually distract one another. Fortunately if one pup smells another pup’s potty, they will be inclined to use the same spot repeatedly. Using this to your advantage will be a good idea as it can help speed the potty training up through a desirable situation.

A situation where your pups are learning with and from each other can backfire too. If one pup has an accident, the others will likely do the same. Odor eaters are available and necessary for this type of situation. Several pups together will become very mischievous and find ways to work together very effectively. During and even after training, it will be best to separate them occasionally. This will help to keep them from becoming dependent on each other. The dependency may cause anxiety later on if they get separated. When your pups are young, try a strategy where you train one pup at a time. Let them teach each other during play time when they are together. Think of it like school- then they get recess where they can interact and learn positively instead of mischievously.

Remember that one pup plus one more pup can equal potential mischief if you don’t prepare yourself for what they are capable of. You can get your pups together, but you will have to spend time with them individually. So spread the love and keep both eyes on those rascally pups.

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