If you choose to take home an older pup instead of a young one, keep in mind, they are still young at heart. Older dogs tend to get stressed when they are first introduced to a new environment. They are unfamiliar with the new surroundings and are not used to the water and food you provide for them.

photoThe best option is to start from scratch. Take nothing for granted and train your older canine friend as though you would treat a young puppy. When you first arrive home, do not let them enter the house automatically. Introduce them to the yard and area where they will spend their outside time. Give them a chance to relieve themselves and be sure to give a good command and praise when they do accomplish the mission.

Because the new environment can be stressful for an older dog, it is wise to keep your eye on them and allow them convenient access to a potty location for the first few days. Stress tends to cause diarrhea in older pups. By basing your training on prevention of accidents instead of reprimanding them, your pup should learn a great deal quicker. Older dogs do have better control of themselves, so it will be easier to get them used to a schedule for relief. Try taking them out first thing in the morning, after meals and playtime, and right before bed. Remember that if you might have to go, they probably do too.

Crate training is helpful, even for an older dog. It helps to prevent them from using your carpet as a drop off station and getting into places you may not want them. Keep them in the crate to get them used to their atmosphere, the crate will serve as a den, and make them feel that they have a secure place they can be. Since dogs do not like to stink up their sleeping quarters, it will speed up the potty training process as well.
Most of all, remember that if there is an accident and you don’t catch them in the physical act of doing something inappropriate, don’t yell and punish, they don’t understand what you’re mad about. Be kind to your new friend, and he’ll be kind to you.

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