I have an 11-year-old Chihuahua. She is toilet trained and goes to the bathroom outside just fine. Now that it’s snowing and cold, she just about keels over whenever we take her outdoors. My husband said she was so miserable she just lied down on the sidewalk.

photoWe decided to get a Porch Potty so she wouldn’t have to endure the cold, harsh weather every time she has to do her business. But despite the nice synthetic grass (which I thought she would like), she refuses to go on the Porch Potty and just sits on it. We’ve put some of her pee on the grass, as well as a few paper towels with her pee under the Porch Potty so she could smell it. We’ve also tried leashing her and standing with her like we normally do outside, but nothing’s working.

What are we doing wrong? How do we train our dog to go on the Porch Potty?


Getting a dog potty really helps a lot in toilet training. It’s very convenient for owners who live in high rise condominiums or for those who reside in limited living spaces with no yards. I also own a Porch Potty and I got it because it has a nice drainage system that allows me to rinse my dogs’ pee right down the gutters of my rear deck.

At your Chihuahua’s age, getting her to go inside the house is like telling her to do something she knows she’s not supposed to. I recommend replacing the synthetic grass with live training sod. The scent of real grass will make it easier to train your pet to use the Porch Potty because dogs have a natural instinct to eliminate on grass.

If she really won’t go on the Porch Potty and she’s holding in her pee for hours, I suggest going outside and shoveling a 4 by 4 feet clearing in the snow so she can relieve herself there for the meantime. She’s probably very uncomfortable and stressed over the unfamiliar Porch Potty, which may take her a while to get used to.

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