Are you planning to get a new puppy to join your household? If yes, there is need for you to respect your older dog in the process of bringing in the new puppy. While you may find getting the new puppy delightful, your dog may feel otherwise, and hence, she may become agitated by the new puppy.

These are some of the things you need to consider when considering bring another dog into your family mix:

·        The hostility and aggressiveness of your dog around other dogs

If your dog is always protective of you around other dogs when they meet outside or inside your home, she would likely be protective or even aggressive towards the new puppy too.

·        The preference of your dog

Have you noticed if your dog has a preference in other dogs?  Are there certain breeds, sizes, gender, or even age s/he feels more comfortable living or playing around? There are some older dogs that will comfortably stay in the same home with new puppies.

·        Introduce the dogs for the first time in a neutral environment

To decide if your dog would be alright living around a new puppy, get them introduced to each other in a neutral environment. Just like many other animals, territoriality is one of the things dogs often encounter when another dog is introduced into their environment. To solve the problems associated with this, introduce the dogs to each other in someone else’s house or park so that neither of the dogs will feel intimidated about the presence of the other.

·        Pay special attention to your dog

Many dog owners often cater more towards a new puppy while neglecting an older one.  The simple fact is the puppy is new and you’re trying to help them acclimate to you and their new surroundings.  Your dog also is acclimating so be sure to pay attention to their needs and issues.

Finally, when the new puppy arrives, other things you can do include ensuring you have enough toys, foods and beds for each of the dogs, giving the dogs adequate training, providing them supervised time for socialization, and keeping them in separate cages whenever the new puppy first comes in.

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