One of the best things about a puppy is their eagerness to learn. Though they haven’t quite developed the skills that housebreaking demands, they have the ability to quickly pick up and apply whatever you teach, so make sure that you spend the time to give them the proper instruction and to build an environment for success.

Creating a schedule is your first step for puppy training. Dogs habitually eat, potty, and sleep, so you’ll want to take advantage of their natural instincts. Feed them at specific times of the day, and frequently provide access to a safe potty area. To aid in this, grass litter boxes can help by providing your young puppy with constant access to potty, avoiding any unnecessary accidents, especially since puppies will have to potty more frequently.

Command words are your next step, so begin using familiar words and phrases to help your dog associate them with specific tasks. This will help them learn to obey and to look to you for affirmation before they do anything.

Because of a puppy’s curiosity, limiting wandering space will help keep them out of trouble. While crate training can be effective, you can also utilize barrier gates to confine a young puppy to designated areas or rooms in your home. Just be sure to provide plenty of toys, food, and water. Because of a dog’s nature to dislike dirtying their play or eating area, this method will help control when and where your puppy will want to potty. Because young puppies can’t hold their potty for long periods of time, it is crucial that you do let them potty regularly.

One small fact that is often overlooked until it’s too late is the jumping issue. Small puppies are irresistible, and many people will direct the puppy to jump up on them. Avoid letting anyone practice this potentially bad habit!

Cleaning up any mess is a vital part to the housebreaking process. The use of protein-based enzyme cleaners is necessary to completely eliminate any scent that ammonia or bleach products can’t get. This will help prevent your dog from returning to the same location in the future.

Housebreaking your new puppy can be a unique learning experience for both of you. By spending plenty of time with your puppy, your puppy’s fresh mind will be able to quickly learn the rules of their new home.

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