Safety isn’t something that many owners consider when the time comes to potty train their new dog. It is often considered a learning experience, just like a student in a classroom. But, even classrooms need to be safe in order for students to learn properly, so it’s up to you as a dog lover to ensure their safety when you’re teaching them the rules of the house.

Teaching your dog to potty will mean that accidents can happen. A mistake or two might be normal, but overlooking medical problems is often a subject that brings about dangerous issues during or even later on. Problems with incontinence, infections or even worms can also cause accidents, since your dog might be incapable of controlling their bodily functions. If you are having trouble with excessive accidents, check with your vet about any physical ailments that could be causing the problem so it doesn’t go unattended.

Disciplining is an important issue, and always keep in mind that puppies are extremely sensitive, both emotionally and physically. Physical discipline is never recommended, and is seldom effective in the training process. Also, remember that dog’s ears are sensitive, meaning they can hear what you’re saying. Getting louder doesn’t mean they’re going to hear you any better, but instead it is the tone of your voice that they pay attention to.

Making the experience good for your dog is the best way to ensure safety and happiness. Teaching them through fun and games, and enforcing positive motivation are the best ways to ensure healthy development.

Always keep their potty area clean. Even though you are trying to create incentive to potty in a certain area, removing any feces will prevent fleas, ticks, and ultimately worms from creating health problems. To go a step farther, consider an indoor dog grass litter box. You can maintain and keep your dog’s potty area clean so they stay happy and healthy.

Keeping your dog safe is an important part of being a dog owner. Everywhere you go and everything you teach your dog should be for their complete benefit. After all, you want them to grow up happy and healthy, and that means that their safety should always come first.

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