When properly trained, a dog should know when and where to go potty. So what should you think when your dog suddenly starts having accidents? Are they marking? Are they confused by a recent move? Some factors can even be the results of urinary problems within your dog’s body.

Problems can occur from infections, diseases such as diabetes, or kidney issues. One problem is the urinary tract infection which can make urination difficult. Prominent characteristics would be strong or foul smelling urine that can contain traces of blood. It can also have no signs at all, making it difficult to diagnose. Be sure that if your dog suffers from diabetes or has had previous urinary tract issues, you get frequent check-ups to ensure their health.

Another issue that can affect your dog’s ability to urinate are the kidney-stones. Frequently notorious amongst people, these can also affect dogs. Kidney stones can be easy to diagnose, but unfortunately, not until the symptoms have caused problems. Erratic or strained urination which may contain traces of blood accompanied by pain and discomfort are tell-tale signs. Be sure you contact a vet immediately to get proper attention.

Urinary incontinence is common in older dogs whose sphincter muscle has become weak. Most common in females, you will notice signs like wet rear quarters, wet spots on the ground where they’ve been sitting or sleeping, or even loss of urination control while they’re walking. Kidney disease is a long term problem that also affects a dog’s urinary tract and bladder. Early detection is important to ensure a healthy life, so look for signs such as excessive water consumption, frequent urination, and poor coat condition and health. Because problems like these can make it difficult for a dog to control their bladder, you may consider investing in a grass litter box for dogs. It will make it easier for them to potty at their own convenience or keep their bladder emptied frequently in order to avoid unnecessary clean-up.

Urinary problems can make life difficult for dogs and owners alike. By feeding them a healthy diet, ensuring they get plenty of clean water, and providing quality potty sources like grass litter boxes for their convenient use, you can help them cope with their condition and allow them to enjoy a quality life.

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