Training your dog to use a litter box can be a little tricky unless you know how to do it. Potty training a dog for the outdoors isn’t very different from training them to use a select area, such as a grass litter box. The only difference is that they are now going inside rather than outside.

The key element is to provide an environment where they can’t make a mistake. For new pups, this would usually involve crate training, but you can achieve this by limiting the space and giving them close attention. These processes involve taking advantage of a dog’s instinctive nature to resist eliminating where they eat, sleep, and live. Just be sure that you are aware that dogs will have a schedule to keep, so don’t expect a dog to hold their bladder for extended periods of time, even if confined. Allow them frequent access to the area to enable the training process to affirm itself.

Be sure to watch for signs that your dog has to go, and be ready to guide them towards the designated area. It is vital that you don’t scare or spook them into hiding while they potty. Instead, take them to the proper area and praise them while they eliminate properly. Positive reinforcement is going to be your best friend during the training process.

Of course, it is also important to keep cleaners handy during the process. Enzyme based cleaners will help eliminate scents, unlike ammonia based cleaners which can actually attract a dog’s attention. Because accidents do happen, be sure these products are handy when needed.

But, this leaves the question of the choice of litter boxes. Porch Potty has designed an excellent tool for the training process, providing the perfect zone for both previously trained dogs and new puppies to quickly become accustomed to. The self-maintaining system requires little effort on your part and provides an excellently attractive area for dogs to use.

Your dog can also enjoy eliminating in the comforts of your home. With the proper training and some quality tools, any dog can learn how to use their grass litter box.

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