Want to toilet train your puppy in the shortest time possible? This can certainly be achieved, but you’ll need these two things: vigilance and routine.


Watch your pup for clues that he has to relieve himself, such as circling, sniffing the ground, or starting to squat. He’ll want to go to the toilet after waking up and eating, so look for those signs during these times and be prepared to take him outside right away.


photoAlways take your puppy to the same area via the same route so he’ll learn where he should go to do his business and how to get there. After some time he’ll naturally start walking towards the door when he has to go to the toilet.

Give your puppy lots of praise every time he relieves himself in the right place. Never punish him for having an accident in the house. I know it can be very frustrating whenever a mess is made, but if you punish your pup for peeing inside, you’re essentially telling him that it’s not safe for him to go to the toilet when you’re present, which is contrary to what you’re trying to teach him.

For accidents, mix equal parts water and white vinegar. This is a great, inexpensive way of removing stains and odors. Also arm yourself with plenty of patience and be consistent in applying vigilance and routine. Before you know it, your pup will be housebroken.

One last tip –  keep in mind that young puppies don’t have much control over their bladder so you’ll have to preempt their need to go to the toilet after waking, after eating, and hourly in between by walking them outside to where you want them to do their business.

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