Amongst the options for many of the grass litter boxes on the market is synthetic grass. But what benefits would you receive by using synthetic grass instead of the real thing? Will your dog enjoy a synthetic alternative to their natural potty environment, and is it the right choice for you?

One of the greatest benefits of synthetic grass is that it doesn’t get old or wilt like real grass would. This means that instead of constantly purchasing new grass sod for your litter box, you have a one-time only investment in a synthetic mat. You won’t have to worry about ordering ahead of time or even using grass sod from the local hardware store when you’re real grass patch begins to wear out from age and use. This also means that your costs less. No shipping costs and no stockpiling grass in your garage to ensure that you’re dog’s potty stays functioning.

This brings about the topic of smell. While natural grass makes for a great outside environment, inside, it can present a smelly problem. Synthetic grasses are designed not to absorb smells or bacteria, providing a safe and sanitary area for your pup to potty and your home won’t have to suffer any smells that the natural grass and dirt would absorb.

As an additional benefit, synthetic grass mats make your potty far easier to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry about dirt clods getting caught in the mesh netting or clogging up your dog’s potty unit, leading to further mess. When it comes time to maintain your potty, all you do is remove the mat and rinse it out. If you had to deal with natural grass, you may end up with dirt and grass clumps on the floor, making it necessary to clean even more mess.

When it comes to your dog’s grass litter box, synthetic grasses provide the best benefits. Both you and your dog can enjoy the ease, neatness, and comfort that synthetic solutions can provide without sacrificing the feel and texture that your pup seeks when it comes time to potty.

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