The newspaper rips, offering an attractive sound for Lucy’s ears. Her owner, Jim, had to leave for the day for a business trip, and decided to set newspaper down on the floor in the bathroom. He showed Lucy where she needed to potty and even sprayed some incentive spray on the paper, but it turned out all wrong.

photoNow, here Lucy played in the bathroom. The attractive smell of the spray had worked, but then Lucy made a new discovery. The paper made cool noises when she pawed at it. At first, she only moved the paper around with her feet, playing a game of tag with herself. But then, the paper developed a life of its own. Once in the air, the paper moved about, as if alive. So, Lucy did what any other dog would’ve done. She played with it.

Shreds of paper decorated the bathroom, and some had even found their way into the hallway and living room. The house was becoming a mess. Lucy tore and chased, her large body rolling around and enjoying the crinkling of the newspaper.

After a while, something dawned on her. Her companion hadn’t come home, and it was almost time for her walk. She would have to potty soon. Already, the feeling of nature’s duties where tingling in her belly. So, she went to the door and waited. But no one came, so she scratched and pawed at the door. She even barked and whimpered for a bit. But there was no answer. The strain was becoming unbearable, and without her companion here, she didn’t know where to potty. She feared she would just have to improvise.

She sniffed around for a good spot that would work for a potty area. The carpet didn’t feel like grass, nor did it smell like grass, but it may have to do. She wandered around for a while, considering the different smells and spots. One in particular satisfied her. In the corner, beside the large, red couch, a smell of familiarity tickled her nose. Some grass and her owners scent radiated off of a pair of unwashed socks. It would have to do. She squatted and pooped in the corner. It seemed like a good spot, and hey, she didn’t really know what else to do.

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