Teaching your new puppy the rules of your home can prove to be a challenging task. But, many owners make the biggest mistake by making the training process even more difficult. The training process is a tedious, but important part of your dog’s life, helping them to develop the habits they will practice for years to come. So, we’ve decided to cover a few of the biggest training mistakes you need to avoid.

The most common, and quite possibly most irresistible, is the “jumping” mistake. Dogs are renowned for being excited to see you, or often anyone, which leads to jumping. For a small puppy whom weighs only four to five pounds, this can be cute and possibly encouraged. This is the first mistake made by many owners, because jumping at a young age carries over into adult age. A fifty pound dog isn’t as cute when it jumps on you or a child or knocking people down. Refrain from allowing young puppies to jump on you, others (even if they encourage it, which is often a problem), or even items such as beds, sofas, tables, or kitchen counters. You don’t want this habit to develop early on, or it will be difficult to stop later in life.

The biggest potty training mistake is common amongst new dog owners. Dogs develop their habits early on, so relying on your dog to automatically know where to go when they’re older is a mistake. Many owners will rely on scattered newspapers and puppy pads to soak up the mess until they think their dog is ready to begin going outdoors, but if you want your dog to use the yard, you need to begin teaching them from the start. Don’t expect your dog to instinctively realize that they should potty outside, or you’ll end up with a big mess.

Possibly the most detrimental to all of your work is the mistake of giving in to your dog’s will. Puppies will whine, cry, and whimper, but you can’t let yourself be swayed by it. This mistake often results from owners tossing a whining young puppy a few scraps of food, taking them out of their crate when they cry, or allowing them on the bed when they sleep. If you give in to your puppies will, they will quickly learn that whining gets them what they want, and the habits they develop, along with whining, will be difficult to manage at older stages in life.

Be sure to avoid these puppy training mistakes, or you may be in for some trouble when your dog gets a little older.

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