When shopping for your pup’s indoor plumbing solution, you may be considering the differences of synthetic and natural grass options. While both have their own specific characteristics, you have to consider what you want for your pup, and the care and maintenance that a Porch Potty will require with either option.

We all know that synthetic grass won’t age or succumb to the natural life cycle that real grass undergoes. This is perhaps the best advantage that synthetic has, but Porch Potty has strived to address this characteristic. Their natural grass solution will still eventually need to be replaced, but does have a much better life expectancy in comparison to other natural grass options. The material isn’t a dirt based sod, rather they use a sod that is nutrient based to ensure long life. On average, potty training for pups is about three to four weeks, which is the minimum life expectancy for their natural grass mats. With proper care, which the self-maintenance system that is available with some Porch Potty units, the natural grass sod can last up to six months before it succumbs to puppy urine burn.

Because the natural grass sod doesn’t use dirt, you won’t have to deal with a muddy mess or dirt clods on the floor when installing or removing the mat. This makes maintaining your potty just as easy as using synthetic options. You simply remove it when the time comes, and place the new one in.

Another bonus is that you can use both natural and synthetic grass in your Porch Potty . Just because you ordered it with one specific material, doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with it. You can use natural grass when it’s available, and keep a synthetic mat to the side when it comes time to order a new mat. It can definitely alleviate the worry of wondering where you’re pup’s going to potty while you wait for a new mat to come in.
Natural grass does make your pup’s potty a naturally comfortable place to potty. The feeling of real grass on their paws makes it easier to train, and is often more enticing for a pup to want to continuously use their potty. Porch Potty ’s real grass solution is indeed a quality solution for your pup’s indoor plumbing needs without the mess of the outdoors.

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