Although many dog owners understand the essence of housetraining their dogs, only some of them realize the importance of positive reinforcement when trying to get their dogs to use a grass litter box. While using this kind of litter box is one of the best ways to make dogs urinate and defecate in the right place without disturbing their owners, it takes proper housetraining for dogs to get used to it. Combining positive reinforcement with proper housetraining can make the process easier and better for both dog owners and their dogs.

Foremost, what does positive reinforcement mean when training a dog to use a grass litter box? It is all about rewarding your dog when she does use her grass litter box at the right time. By merely rewarding the dog, you have positively impacted her and made her realize how pleased you are towards her action. There are different ways by which you can reward your dog and these include playing one of her favorite games with her, giving her a special treat, praising her or taking her out for a walk. There is also a signaling device called clicker which you can use to let your dog know when you are pleased with her actions in regards to using the litter box.

The most obvious importance of using positive reinforcement when housetraining your dog to make use of a grass litter box is that the dog will be to encourage her to use the box every time she wants to take care of herself. After all, she wants to please use and to get the rewards associated with using the litter box, your dog will be consistent in making use of the box. This will easily reduce your efforts targeted at housetraining the dog.

The use of positive reinforcement in making her use the grass litter box will create a healthy bond between you and your dog.  Since positive reinforcement does not require any special sign or language, everybody in your household can get involved in training your dog. The important thing is for the person to understand the reward you offer each time the dog makes use of the grass litter box.

Each dog, just like people, have their own unique personality and will react differently, at first, to  positive reinforcement when training her to use grass litter box; therefore, dog owners must understand that it might take time before their dogs learn to use and appreciate the system.

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