Potty Park is a structurally reinforced sealed canine potty that can support dogs up to 200 pounds. Available in two sizes, it features drainage holes every couple square inches, which is twice the density of its closest competitor. Potty Park is also the only dog potty with a pheromone-enhanced artificial grass surface. In addition, its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties keep bacteria, fungi, moisture, mold, mildew, and odors away.

photoPotty Park comes with rubber feet to prevent it from sliding and scratching floor surfaces. It’s easy to clean and even prevents male canines from splashing when lifting their leg. Aside from dog owners, Potty Park is used by veterinarians, trainers, and breeders.

An Elfin dog trainer who owns three Potty Parks keeps her units odor-free by using two grass mats for each one so she can alternate and clean them. She discovered that the best cleaning technique is by using a two gallon pump garden sprayer, which she fills with equal parts water and vinegar or equal parts water and Nature’s Miracle. She then sprays the Potty Park twice each day, empties the drawer, and rinses it with hot water. Once a week she thoroughly hoses down the grass mat and allows it to air dry. According to her, this method works better than pouring half a gallon of water into the Potty Park.

Another dog trainer loves the Potty Park because it teaches canines the principles of “grass to grass” potty training. This training is particularly important since dogs learn based on texture from an early age. She found that dogs who are trained to use the Potty Park have far less accidents on carpets and hardwood floors because they’re conditioned to grass texture for relieving themselves.

One veterinarian supports the concept of the Potty Park because it allows dogs to go to the bathroom on their own inside the house. Having a dog hold his urine for extended periods is bad for his health as it makes him more prone to bladder stones and crystal growth. Hence, the Potty Park not only provides a cleaner home for dog owners, it also promotes better health for dogs.

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