Owners may often come across various difficulties when they are dealing with an older dog that was not trained right as a puppy. Of course, they have crossed their age at which they learn things and of course will have a different way of life depending upon the environment they grew in. The important factor that governs potty training of older dogs is that they have some undesirable habits that they need to unlearn first. Training them turns out to be more of an uphill battle and a great deal of patience is required in such cases. Nevertheless, the training procedure for puppies and older dogs are not so different after all. The only difference is that you need to be much more vigilant and more patient, for a longer time period as the older puppies need to actually do a complete makeover of their previous routines.

photoFor a start, try to teach them to urinate outside or in the dog litter box. The basic idea here is that it is easier to teach an older dog to do something rather than teach them to not do something. A very important point to be considered in potty training the older dogs is that in case they happen to urinate inside the house, immediately clean that specific area. Older dogs have a greater sense of smell and hence they might end up thinking that the particular spot in meant for peeing. Ensure that you feed your dogs in smaller quantities before they go to sleep to prevent accidents at night. A great way to potty train your older dog is by making it easy for them to go outside by providing them with a doggie door. This actually makes potty training older dogs much easier.

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