Having a puppy is stressful when they eliminate anywhere inside the house. The solution is to potty train them indoors or outdoors depending on your house situation. Whichever you prefer, the idea of potty training is to get them to eliminate on a particular spot and get used to that spot.

photoWhether you are training them to do it outside or on a grass dog litter box, the key is to bring them to the spot where you want them to eliminate. You can do this by remembering some points on housebreaking your puppy. Dogs need to eliminate when they wake up, after each meal, and after playtime. Observe your dog when you do these things to get an idea how long it takes for them to eliminate after these activities. Following a schedule for these activities is advisable to track your dog’s elimination habits.

If you prefer to use a dog litter box, here is what you can do. Choose a dog litter box that is easy to clean and eliminates odor. Grass dog litter boxes are ideal because dogs can associate it to outdoor grass and this will make it easier for them to eliminate when they are outdoors. Make sure to set up the dog litter box on a comfortable spot where he will not be disturbed. After activities, bring your puppy to the dog litter box, and wait for them to eliminate. The puppy might find it weird at first so make sure to introduce the litter box by letting him explore it. While he does, encourage him to eliminate there. You can talk to him or use a command when encouraging him to go. Once he gets the habit, he will associate the command with eliminating on the litter box. Do not forget to praise him when he does it on the right spot as this gives positive reinforcement and will assure repetitive behavior. Remember to keep the litter box clean to make sure that your puppy continues to use it while training.

Potty training your puppy with a dog litter box is great but make sure to spend some time training them to get used to it as it will need time. Dedicate some time to following your schedule and observe. If done well, you will have a potty trained puppy with less time than one might expect.

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