The Pup Head grass litter box promotes its design that is supposed to be easier for our pups to use. While the idea may be good, the way it works is a little different. The lowered design actually gives the box the appearance that it is level with the ground.

photoBut, is it really that easy for my pup to use? That is the real question. Each owner owns a different pup, and every pup is different and so is their training. Pups that can differentiate a carpet from this low profile potty would likely need some previous training (potty training to familiarize them to using that particular spot). The Pup Head grass litter box uses its low profile design that is supposed to make potty time for your pup easier and also help eliminate the appearance of a bulky litter box (it still takes up the same square footage, just less volume which means that it can’t hold as much). So here we’ve actually sacrificed ease for capacity, which means we have to clean that much more often.

But, does a lower box actually make it easier for a pup to potty on? Do they really have that much trouble hopping up three inches onto a potty where things are possibly a little further away from a reservoir of puppy pee? The design itself seems to appeal more to a cost effective version of a larger grass litter box and offers a lighter weight for portability. It might make for a good traveling potty for when you stay in a hotel, but as a daily user, it likely isn’t your best choice. You might want to stick with a quality sized potty that can actually accommodate your pup with the proper potty.

To say the least, the Pup Head potty doesn’t actually offer any advantage with its profile design. In fact, it is probably easier for a pup to designate an elevated device as their potty area than something that resembles a rug. After all, you never know when that kitchen rug will start looking just like their potty.

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