“Where is my Potty Patch!?” you say to yourself (or to a customer service rep if you get lucky).When you make a purchase don’t you expect to get what you bought? Shopping online can have its downsides as you do not always know what you are getting- or if you will even receive it. This isn’t true for everything on the internet, but there are those that give online shopping a bad name. That’s why there are ways to leave remarks, comments and postings that help future shoppers avoid some of these problems. If you are on the market for a grass litter box, you may consider what others have to say about it.


photoHave you found yourself waiting at the doorstep for that box you hope the mailman will deliver…someday? If you spend your money, you expect to get what you bought. It is the simple fact of good economics. Unfortunately the Potty Patch has had plenty of trouble accomplishing the simple task of delivering. Many customers have complained about the lack of delivery.

It doesn’t help that when a customer calls to see if the item is lost in delivery or perhaps it is still in shipping- they are answered with the simple fact that the order was never placed. Many customers have complained that the Potty Patch may even have been a scam because of the brush-off’s and failure to deliver. While this is not necessarily a scam, it does have the notoriety of dissatisfying many customers because of its failure to deliver and compensate with their “no refund” status.

This isn’t what I ordered

Delivery isn’t the only problem with the potty. Those who did receive their goods, decided that it wasn’t good at all. Complaints about the cheap materials that the potty is composed of are numerous, and the fact that the device often falls apart reflect its failure to satisfy. Though it is designed to be easily disassembled for traveling purposes, it is renowned for falling apart under the load of your pup- while they are using it. It would seem that the device would fail at keeping your floor clear of potty if it falls apart and unleashes the potty right back onto the floor.

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