For most dogs, their senior years are very similar to a human’s. The hair around their snout and eyebrows may begin to grey, and an active lifestyle may slow down due to arthritis. They may even get a little grumpy after naps or with younger dogs. Regardless of senior characteristics, comfort is the key to ensuring a happy home for your pup.

Unfortunately, some of these characteristics aren’t fun or comfortable for either of you. As a dog gets older, they require more water to keep their body hydrated. This, along with bodily functions not being what they used to be, requires the need to potty more often. Necessary times may be right after naps, or even several times during the night. You have to be ready to provide your dog with the opportunities they need to prevent any messy surprises. It is also wise to allow your dog plenty of time to potty prior to bed time, especially if they’ve consumed a lot of water.

As age progresses, dogs may suffer from even more extremes of urination problems. Bladder control loss can cause dogs to wet their bedding, pee while walking, or randomly potty wherever they are. If your dog starts showing these signs, refrain from any punishment, and check with your vet to make sure that this is the problem. Bladder control loss can even be the result of medically related issues, especially with diabetes, and with the right medical treatment and the right diet, you can help your dog overcome or deal with this problem.

Something you can do to provide some comfort for your senior dog is place some potty pads in their bedding to help soak up any accidents that may occur. Grass litter boxes are ideal for these problems, and can offer your dog the time and place they need to go during the late hours of the night.

Senior dogs are something special, and they can have their moments that make things a little mess. Just remember that they need the comfort and help that you can offer them to ensure that their later years are spent in a happy, loving home.

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