Potty accidents usually happen when you least expect it. These problems can be the result of marking, lack of potty training, or even incontinence. To offer a solution to this problem, Simple Solution developed a way to prevent accidents from reaching your carpet or furniture. They created doggy diapers that are worn by your dog in order to avoid a huge mess and save your upholstery.

These diapers come in a variety of sizes. Whether your dog is big or small, there is a size that fits. These diapers are designed specifically for either male or female, so you must be sure to get the style that’s specific to your dog’s gender. While the idea is an excellent one, there are some issues that you need to take note of.

One of the issues is the use of the diapers during the process of potty training. This application is contradictive to the training process, merely covering up the problem rather than solving it. When a dog wears a diaper, they can become accustomed to going wherever they like. This could be inside the house, in the car, or even out in the yard. The problem is that they don’t develop a sense of proper potty zones. This only reinforces habits that you are specifically working to break.

Another problem concerns the need to wear the diaper. Many dogs don’t enjoy wearing anything, especially around their hind end. This can result in the dog’s frustration and destruction of the diaper, leading to another mess to clean up.

The ideal application is with older or incontinent dogs. As dogs age, they can become unaware that they’ve urinated. They lose control of their bladder, often completely oblivious to what they’ve done. A doggy diaper could definitely save your carpet, and keep your dog’s bedding dry while they sleep.

This also brings up the subject of sickly dogs. There are times when your dog’s belly will become upset, possibly because they managed to eat some food that made them sick, such as chocolate, grapes, or avocados. This can result in diarrhea and excessive urination, which can definitely be messy. A doggy diaper would help keep your carpet clean, just be sure that you change them regularly to avoid irritation. Available in both disposable and washable, the doggy diapers can become fairly expensive. The practical idea would be to get washable diapers to avoid excess costs.

When applied correctly, Simple Solution’s doggy diapers can be a home saver and beneficial to your dog. Just be sure that you aren’t trying to cover up problems that deserve a different solution.

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