My business sometimes takes me away from my home in the city, and it can be hard managing a dog, let alone two. Sophie and Victoria are not only clever, they work together to make the most of mischief. Being single and away from most of my family, I can’t leave them with someone I really trust while I’m out on business trips. My neighbor volunteered to check on them, but I’m new to the area, and don’t feel that comfortable yet.

photoMy trips are usually short, but it’s almost impossible for me to bring my princesses with me. They’re not very big, but it’s far too costly to fly them both around with me. So I decided to situate them to set them up for the time I’m away. Aside from food reserves (an automated dispenser so they won’t eat it all the first day- because they will) and water, I purchased a Porch Potty as a solution for their basic needs. It works great, and keeps me from worrying while I’m at work too.

But what I didn’t consider was the odor part of the potty device. Although it stays clean, and I keep it maintained, there is always a slight odor, especially when I return home after a couple days. Because my business image relies on cleanliness (I work in interior design) and some of my work and business takes place in my condo, I can’t afford any after smells (which two pups can quickly generate).

I tried candles and incense, but they only hid or mixed with the smell, especially when you got close to their room. So I checked out the site that I bought the potty from, and they had the solution already. I purchased a bottle of the Turftastic to try it out. I put just a little in the potty reservoir and mixed some into a spray container for the grass. The odor faded away within a few hours, and I was pleased, as were my clients.

I’d recommend this for anyone having trouble with odors, and it’s safe for use on any grass- real or synthetic. Plus, it doesn’t discourage your pup from wanting to continue using the potty by overwhelming them with strong odors.

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