Charlie has always had problems with excitement. It’s simply irresistible. Her family comes home, she just has to pounce. First the tires and motor sound from the driveway, then the footsteps and the jingling of keys, and finally the door opens to reveal her family. That’s when Charlie pounces. She can’t wait to see her friends. She’s missed them all day long, and finally they’ve come home to play. Unfortunately, being a big dog, she can definitely offer a surprise, especially when someone’s carrying groceries.

photoThe downside is that after waiting all day, her bladder is usually full, and during the excitement, she forgets that she had to go in the first place, and often that she is supposed to hold it, too. That’s when the accident happens.

Her family knows something’s wrong, but have had trouble remedying the problem. They often scold her, but that doesn’t do much but make the situation worse. Charlie is sometimes not even aware of what she’s done because she’s too busy being excited.

In an attempt to solve the potty problem, her family decides to get Charlie a grass litter box big enough for such a large pup. The plan is to offer Charlie a spot to potty throughout the day, so that she isn’t making a mess in the house. When it arrives, Charlie automatically loves it (she loves everything!). It serves its purpose almost right away.
Having a potty readily available to her, Charlie doesn’t have to hold her pee or poop all day long, like she used to. So now when her family gets home, no one gets hosed down anymore. Unfortunately, there’s still the problem of jumping on people.

With the accident situation at bay, her family still needs to deal with the jumping, so they talk to a few friends with large dogs, and soon discover how to stop her from being too excited, especially when someone first arrives home. Their friend tells them that they should actually ignore Charlie, avoid eye contact, and avoid any attention from her until she has settled down. Then they can love on her all they want.

At first, Charlie thinks something is wrong. Her family ignores her when they first get home. It’s like she doesn’t exist. She barks, but still no reaction from them. After a while, she gives up and picks a spot on the carpet to rest. That’s when the hands come to welcome her home.

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