The Porch Potty is a blessing for dog owners. Especially those who reside in apartments! Place it on your balcony or your porch and your problems are solved. You dog will take to it and adapt very easily. No more worrying about your dog peeing all over the house and you having to clean its potty over and over again. The Porch Potty, also aptly called the Litter Box, is just perfect for your pet. Your pet will love it more than you do for it won’t have to run around finding a place to do its business. It’ll always find Porch Potty so close to the house, or maybe inside the house itself! The Litter Box is a full stop to all your worries and hassles!

photoThe Porch Potty is available in two large and small sizes and depending upon their facilities, standard and premium. The standard model is basic and contains only a drain system. The premium model comes with a sprinkler along with the drain. For those who live in apartments, catch basins are a real plus. One just has to place them under the Litter Box and remove it and clean it once in a while. As simple as that! If the Porch Potty is placed out of the house, one could use the drain hose and link it up with the rain gutter or drainage system. All the litter will travel down easily! No problems at all! The biggest advantage the design offers is that nothing, absolutely nothing gets caught in the hose. This means, zilch smell!

The Litter Box is the most ideal as it is self cleaning, thanks to the excellent draining system. The highlight of this product is the dog training sod that comes with the smell of real grass. The smell of real grass is a major attraction for dogs. The dog training sod could be used for the first of couple of weeks until your dog gets used to it and then replaced with synthetic grass; that has the feel of real grass and after this, you will have several stress free years!

Just like the Litter Box, the training sod is very easy to use. It comes without soil and it can be placed over the Litter Box without difficulty. The dog potty training sod comes free of the worry of having to take care of the mess. It is, just like the Litter Box, self cleaning. Plus, it comes with the smell of grass so that the dogs take to it easily. The Litter Box, being self draining, keeps you away from stress and the troubles of constantly cleaning up after your dog. The self draining feature keeps the grass fresh and odor free.

The Porch Potty is really the answer to each dog owner’s prayers!

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